Tuesday, March 17, 2009

messy room (my "studio")

This is my "studio" slash cat-room slash sun-room. It's not insulated or heated and either freezing or boiling. But once in a while I manage to get in there when the temperature is tolerable. But it's SO nice to be able to work at home. I'm still potting at the Eagledale arts center as well - it's good to be social and I still have many! questions, but I no longer despair when classes are on break.
On the wheel is my latest venture into antiquity, a Tang Dynasty inspired dragon-handled urn. I am still very much inspired by post Bronze-age Mediterranean cultures, but I'm not averse to more Asian influence. In particular Ritual Asian Bronzes. After all it is widely believed that the makers of Shang Dynasty bronzes were influenced by Mediterranean craftsmen. A bit all-over the map and all-over many time lines; easily justified as an archeological stir in the ol' cultural melting pot.   
A Shang period inspired "bronze" that I'm offering as a custom order in my shop on ETSY.
I made this one for a friend as a funerary urn for her dog's ashes. 

I spotted this "bronze" pool side at Casa Dali
Salvador Dali's house, now a museum, in
Port Lligat, Spain.