Sunday, May 16, 2010

finally a destination restaurant on bainbridge island!

had an amazing dinner at Hitchcock last night
if this was only the "soft opening", then i can't wait to sample more
chef brendan mcgill nailed it! great atmosphere, great energy and world-class food. the octopus, the bok choy, the risotto!, the trout wow!
if only island vibes could start up again we could stay on the island

we've already reserved again for next saturday


willy van Rooy said...

Lovely blog and wonderful things you are making, wow, I am impressed, also can see you love it and that is the very best thing: to do what you love, that for sure is your most faithful friend forever : the art you love and can produce. Lucky girl. sending you love and hopefully some inspiration

mariellemacville said...

It's my turn to say Wow! Thank you so much Willy, his means a lot coming from you!!! I have been pouring over your blogs and your Etsy store - can't believe I just discovered them. But I've always been familiar with and in awe of your amazing career as a model. A fellow Dutch one at that!!
Keep on creating and making beautiful things. Heel veel liefs en groetjes, Marielle